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Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

(scream in digital)

Subject:a halfway decent deadline...
Time:8:29 am.
Mood: exhausted.
So This has def been a strange deadline. We had alot of work early in the week and never really had much down time in between...For once things actually worked the way they were supposed to. Friday Night I got out at 5:30 and got home in time to go out to dinner with the parents. We were almost gonna go to Spartan but i called and ther specials sucked so off to John's it was and that was totally cool with me. John's was crazy packed of course but we got a table. Our waitress girl i think needs a new job tho. Ever since she dyed her hair blonde all neurons don't seem to be firing, lol. Things get mixed up, things don't arrive, she remembers things about us that don't happen, lol. I was excited cus they had the stuffed cornish game hen on the specials. My parents got ther food first tho and i ended up havin to wait like 15 min cus apparently my order never got put in. Then when it finally did arrived it seemed hot but the inside was all cold so i hadda send it back....Sooo annoying cus then i ended up havin to eat it all with my parents starin at me cus they were done, lol. Oh well at least it was good. I got home to find my ebay auction completed and i had sold my camera at a decent price so now i can get a new long range one. Michelle had also been textin me for awhile and we worked it out that i would go meet her at Corner Pocket in Milford. A Sucky long drive but still better than an Illusions night. So i trekked out there. Listened to the Lordi album i got goin out. Sooo awesome. They may be cheesy but those are some damn catchy tunes. Took a few wrong turns but made it in decent time. Of course my stupid phone never sent the final text sayin i was leaving so she had to come up there to meet me, Luckily not from too far. We both hopped in my car and headed up to the real bar we were goin to which i never caught the name of. It was her friend Sara's 21st Birthday party. Hadn't seen her or Brett in quite a long time now so that was cool and i knew few other people. Course I still felt all awkward goin in and figured i needed a drink...Then as if i wasn't worried enough about drivin up there in the new car i went to get a drink and realized i had no wallet=no money=no license. So i was pretty much totally freaked out over that thinkin of the ride home all night. Michelle bought me a beer which was nice but that was all i drank all night cus i was so scared of gettin pulled over later. It was Karaoke night at the bar and everyone was up singin. Michelle did a few songs. Some Nasally girl kept doin Evanescence. She did Bring Me to Life with some guy who was doin the male vocals in a purposely(i hope) really bad way which was pretty damn funny. Some old dude kept doin classic rock songs really well. of course everyone in the party did some funny songs in groups. Def entertaining. B4 i left some metal guys came and did Pantera and the one dude just kept tellin me Mindcrime 1 was better than 2 like i was arguin just cus of my shirt, lol. I told Michelle i hadda head out around 12:30ish and since we took my car over she left as well. I drove her back to the car at Corner Pocket which was good cus its right near the road i leave from. It was good seein her again. After that i ventured home listenin to the new Chris Caffery. Not bad but def not the first one. I talked to Dani for a bit and then i had to pass out as work in the morn was not lookin good.

Twas def hard gettin up the next day but i made it. Half asleep at work but it was actually a pretty chill day. We did have work for most of the day but not the daunting pile we'd been seeing all week and after all that i took it as a good sign for once. Only ended up workin till 4:30 so i was happy to get out then and head home to get a work out and shower in. Was almost too exhausted for a work out but the Caffery helped. Dad opened some great Zin that night so i got to chill with my wine after dinner listenin to music and talkin to Dani till she had to leave and then i went down to watch "The Protector" which i'd rented. I dunno how that made it to the top of my queue but i wish it hadn't been on there at all. What a shitty movie about a guy rescuing his elephants. And the movie was half in Thai and half australian english tho even that seemed dubbed. The fighting was good of course but aside from that it was just awful. I also had a sinking feeling during the movie that i left my sunroof open and it was hailing/raining out so i couldnt even see. Luckily i checked after and all was cool. I watched some more shows after the movie and then headed to bed as rest was def needed. Sunday i didn't have to be in till 11. Twas deadline day but no major rush once again. Just worked all day on busting out ads. Everything went smooth aside from Greg as usual. hell we prolly woulda been out by 5 if it wasn't for him. Instead we were stuck there till 8 or 9. I found out X magazine was no more so all were publishin this month is Xtreme. After work i headed over to Dani's. hopefully i didn't make her wait too long to eat, lol . We ordered Pizza and thankfully there was some beer in the fridge too. We'd never gotten around to drinking and eating at work and i needed it. Stupid CT Sunday liquor laws. We watched like Family Guy at and American Dad at 9 and then watched like 3 episodes of Dead Like Me so that was cool. Then we just chilled talkin for a long time. I was in such a weird mood from being over tired and burned out. Hopefully didn't freak her out too much, lol. Once the room was all cooled off the cats came back in and we harrased them. They were all goin nuts, especially cash and i got some funny pix on my little camera, lol. I didn't head out till like 3am cus we had fun and i wasn't lookin forward to drivin home. Mostly cruise controlled it which was prolly bad cus i was half fallin asleep, lol. Made it fine tho. At least i can now get to and fro her place without gettin lost. I crashed pretty quick when i got in. tho it was like 4. My parents never even heard me come in.

Didn't have to be in till 1 on Monday. We didn't have any real replacement page work anyway. I worked out a new project with Jeremy tho for print ads for the website. They wanted something new and edgy so that's what i went for. The ad is here if anyone wants to check it out. Worked on that mosta the day and at the end of the day had one other ad from greg to finish. Our server kinda had a melt down but luckily i got it out somewhat in time to leave. I got my workout in when i got home and went up to the liquor store to get some Ravenswood Zin for tonite. Dad made his Apple Coriander Onion pork chops and fries for dinner so that was awesome as it's one of my favs. Pretty chill night after that. Tonight is idol night of course, should be stupid funny again with Sanjaya still in...Now to get thru another day of work...

here's some i made from the other nights pics, lol

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

(2 digital screams | scream in digital)

Subject:the whorror, the whorror! more airbrushing fun
Time:1:18 pm.
Mood: tired.
so who remembers the airbrush job i did on that nasty spankys chick from 2 months ago? well she is back in the mag again and of course in need of airbrushing so i made another zombie style gif to show the whorror off, lol

and of course here is the original and even worse animation

Monday, January 15th, 2007

(scream in digital)

Subject:OMFG Drunk people!
Time:12:06 pm.
So i went to CVS to kill some time on my lucnh break and i got harassed by some crazy drunk guy in a red turtleneck who reeked of booze. it was the kinda incident that would be amusing if seen from afar but not when hes majorly invading my personal space.

He was all oggling a maxim i had just put down and then sayin how im a fellow english guy and can i help him out cus he needs a vodka nip and then he was talkin about music and nice indians with long hair and whether my jacket was real leather and how young people dont know who the hell angels are after these two 14 year olds walked by. He goes, these young girls are so promiscuous these days and goes on some whole speel about that. then as im payin hes singin beatles songs to the cashier and pretending to sign the credit card thing as he tells us how his card doesnt work anymore. dude had some major bushels of nose hair blastin outta each nostril too, lol

im def glad i got outta there b4 he asked me for a ride or sumthin

Monday, January 1st, 2007

(scream in digital)

Subject:Top 10 Albums of 2006!!!!!!!
Time:8:12 pm.
Mood: accomplished.

One of the best year's in music yet for me with far more great albums than I could possibly get in a Top 10. I guess that's what happens though when many of your favorite bands release new albums at the same time. Many of the ones not in the Top 10 of course deserve to be there but it's hard to choose and some stuff just fell either too close to the end of the year or came too early on.


My Top 10 Album List For 2006

Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime II: Well it's no wonder this album made my number 1 as I've been touting it's greatness all along and it was one of the most anticipated releases ever for me. Then from the first moment I heard "Hostage" and "The Hands" I knew the sound was back in the right direction despite a bit of the disappointment I felt with "I'm American." It seems the vast majority of reviewers out there are only interested in tearing it down and to this I pay no heed. This album is everything I asked for from new Ryche and a sequel to Mincrime. It's dark, it's heavy, it's modern, it's classic, it's technical, it's conceptual, the lyrics are back on track and even the great Dio makes an appearance. All of these things are a recipe for great success with me. it's not without it's faults but they are minor in the overal scope of things. The production is horrid for a modern album to the point where I thought the first copy i heard was a demo. The songs are also once again very very short with no real epic tracks. I don't count that as a strong issue however as it does not effect my enjoyment of them at all as the shortness of the tracks on Tribe did. This time they actually did trim the fat per say and make very solid songs with speed and energy and solos. Basically ya can feel the passion again and Geoff is singing with more emotion that he has in years. Pamela Moore is also an excellent addition to the vocal team filling some the gap that Chris Degarmo left behind with harmonies. The album flies along at a frantic pace to start and slows at the end, which may be a mistake but in the end doesn't really effect my enjoyment. "Hostage" is as good as it ever was in the previews heard at the live shows and "Rearrange You" will go down as one of my favorite Ryche tracks ever. The intensity is incredible and then of course it seagues into "The Chase" which has Dio firing on all cylinders with an excellent performance and duet with Geoff which is a metal dream come true. One odd gem on the album for me is the moody "If I Could Change It All" which wasn't immediately striking but grew to be the most addicting track on the album for me. There's just so much emotion and atmosphere even in a song so painfully short. To all of the people who don't "get" this album and think it is crap next to the original I strongly recommend the live show as despite how mindblowing the liveshow for the first one was last year I was even more impressed by the intensity of the performance and the power of the songs in a live setting with this one. It may not be the polished perfect masterpiece that the original Mindcrime was but it certainly ranks high on my list of favorite Ryche albums and amps up my excitement for the future. MySpace Page

Iron Maiden - A Matter Of Life And Death: When Bruce reunited with Maiden excitement was definitely in the air but before long the longwinded songs and repetive choruses gradually began to almost bore me and long for the days of old Maiden or Bruce's brilliant solo career. Especially after the last album I was beginning to wonder if they'd forever be stuck in that hole and hearing Bruce's excellent and very Maiden-sounding "Tyranny of Souls" album confirmed it was not his fault for sure. Fast-forwarding to this year and the first previews of "A Matter Of Life And Death" namely "Benjamin Breeg" and I still was not expecting much improvement. Sure it was a rather exciting change in their sound and very riffy but still it lacked a certain something that once made their music so exciting for me. The next song leaked was "Different World" which was simply too much the standard Maiden opener fair. Upbeat yet boring by principle. ...Then "Brighter Than a Thousand Suns" was leaked to their boards and all doubt dropped away and was replaced with an intense excitement for what was to come. That song proved that Bruce was indeed involved and the majesty of his solo material would be felt on this album. After that i eagerly awaited the full release and was not disappointed in the slightest when it arrived at my door. The rest of the tracks while maybe not as exciting as "BTATS" were certainly on a similar level and put me in a semi-euphoric state driving around listening. The song's are long, they are very similarly patterned and yet... they are never boring. I thoroughly enjoyed every track and even gained greater appreciation for the ones I maligned earlier. This album went weeks as most listened to in my iPod. The war and religion themes fit perfect with the current climate of the world and songs like "These Colours Don't Run" and "For The Greater Good Of God" are just excellently written" I think the biggest shockers were the last two tracks and the excellent darkness and ambiance they conjure up with their intros. The intro to "Lord Of Light" almost has an Opeth like quality to it merely in its creepy darkness, while the haunting lullabye that makes up the intro to "The Legacy" will make for a maiden classic forever. I know some were bothered by the lack of mastering on this album but I really did not notice it at all. If anything it sounds crisper and more powerful than ever especially at high volumes as I like my music. It certainly sounds better than "Dance of Death" and with the overall quality ranks as one of my favorite Maiden albums ever. MySpace Page

Head Control System - Murder Nature: Well this band certainly captures album of the year for originality. Never in my life have I heard such a lushly layered unique sounding album with such intensity. The album features Garm from Ulver using his unique voice in more ways and more frequently than most of his other projects and it is perfectly suited for the job.  The album is like musical therapy. It's a sonic bliss you can drown yourself in. i occasionally find myself wishing it was longer but in the end I really wouldn't change a thing. There is no filler here. It starts off wih a slow building intro and then delves right into the fray with concise powerful melodic tracks that envelope you before it fades away in its hypnotic instrumental outro "Falling On Sleep". Stand out tracks include: "Skin Flick," "It Hurts," and "Wonderworld." If you're looking for something outside the box yet still easily digestable I highly recommend this. MySpace Page

Thunder - Robert Johnson's Tombstone: Well the best classic 70's hard rock band to come out of the 90's has one again released the perfect hard rock album. I don't know how they do it but this band manages to one-up themselves with each release and change in such a minute way that it keeps things fresh and exciting while retaining the classic flare that makes them so likeable. Anyone who's ever enjoyed bands like Bad Company or even early Aerosmith or the Stones could not go wrong with this band. It's tragic that they are hardly known at all outside the UK and the albums never receive any kind of official US release. Luckily this album, as well as the last two, can now be purchased and previewed via The End Records. Robert Johnson's Tombstone starts out with an even bluesier tone than is usual before shifting gears into their more standard sound. That album is chock full of hard rock anthems and soulful ballads. To quote The End's page: "It's rootsy and blues-based, sexy and dirty, and sad and melancholy in places too". Song's such as "Dirty Dream" and "The Devil Made Me Do It" drift to the dirty side but do it with style and the animated video for "The Devil Made Me Do It" is just classic. "In My Darkest Hour" has a dark 70's ballad vibe that is rarely captured anymore and is definitely a beautiful song. I could go on and on about each song but basically just go to the page and see for yourself. It's a true classic. MySpace Page

Evergrey - Monday Morning Apocalypse: Stripping away some of the prog and amping up the metal on their new album seems to have been just the right move for Evergrey. This album hooks you right from the start with it's intense pounding rythyms, technical guitar playing and Englund's emotion soaked vocals all meshed together with the expected slick production of their last few albums. Strangely many tore down this album upon it's release for reasons I will never understand. I guess it's a little too straightforward for the prog geek fans but it more than makes up for it in its dark, intense, modern, well written songs. The defactors usually try to compare to the first two Evergrey albums which I find to be the least enjoyable. This is one with many songs that will get stuck in your head for weeks and you'll enjoy every moment of it. Myspace Page

Blind Guardian - A Twist In The Myth: Blind Guardian majestically returns after a few years absence with an album that takes a step both backwards and forwards. The intense overproduction and grandiose nature of the last album has been left behind for a return to some of the aggression and darkness of the past. The albums however is not so much a return to the roots type album per say as it features some of Guardian's most modern sounding songs and a few even step away a bit from the dungeons and dragons themes that permeate much of their catalog. I was not immediately sold on the sound through hearing the singles for "Fly" and "Another Stranger Me" but once I had the complete album in my hands and listened to it two or three times I was completely hooked and found myself craving it for a few weeks there. I wouldn't rank it above "Nightfall in Middle Earth," which to this day is still one of my favorite albums of all time, but I'd say its right up there with "Night at the Opera" and an excellent addition to the Blind Guardian Catalog. MySpace Page

Audrey Horne - No Hoy Banda: Another new band that kinda came outta the blue and made something special this year is Audrey Horne. Hailing from Norway, this rather young band put out an exciting modern metal album that could be tearing up the charts here if givin the exposure. It's unfortunate no one knows who they are here as this album is full of great melodic metal songs that are fairly straightforward yet quite unique in many area's as well. The band is very tight with a talented singer and a wide range of influences including a mix of Tool, Katatonia, Pain of Salvation, and Faith No More. It's an impressive combination and an equally impressive album with no dull moments. Some stand out tracks would be "Deathhorse, "Bleed," and "Halo," though it truly is hard to single out from such a great album. MySpace Page

Winger - IV: Say what you will about Winger and their destruction at the hands of Beavis & Butthead, once times got hard for them in the 90's they released one of the greatest hard rock albums I've ever heard: "Pull." It remains one of those hidden gems cus most people would never give the band another shot but it's one of the greatest in my collection. Kip Winger also released two brilliant solo albums with a much darker, more acoustical and ambiant side with "Song's From The Ocean Floor," and "This Conversation Seems Like A Dream." Of course as great as those albums are, barely anyone has heard them, and they are not easy to get ahold of. So this year marks the return of Winger, the band and there comeback album "IV." After 13 years or more apart of course alot has changed. The chemistry however is still there and "IV" is a shining example. It combines many of the great modern ambiance and darker elements of Kip's solo work with some of the metal crush of "Pull" and Reb Beach's excellent guitar work. "Pull" part 2 it is not however, and those seeking such heaviness may be disappointed at first as it has also borrowed many of the lighter elements of Kip's solo work. His voice however is stronger than ever and it is a great evolution of the bands sound.  Those fearing any cheesiness associated with 80's Winger need not worry here as all of that is long gone. MySpace Page

Richie Kotzen - Into The Black: One of the most talented solo artists I can think of is back again with his new album "Into The Black" This album drops alot of the pop trappings of his last few discs and brings out a bit of a darker, grungier, more melancholy side. The hooks and melodies are still there tho as well as the occasional poppy chorus but theres alot more angst than his typical fair. "You Can't Save Me" was the first track of this album released to the public via Myspace and it's certainly a stand out track. One of those rare songs when heavy use of the F word achieves great effect. "Doing What The Devil Says To Do" is another great one with a bit less intensity. The album, like all the rest of his catalog is very consistant and full of songs that could be rock radio hits but unfortunately will never see the light of day on radio outside of Japan. I highly recommend anyone who's a fan of good hard rock to check this guy out. MySpace Page

Katatonia - The Great Cold Distance: On many occasions I have torn this album down citing it's weakness by comparison to other Katatonia albums however a bad Katatonia album is still better than what many bands output. Even with it's week points it's hard to argue amazing tracks like "My Twin" and "In The White" don't make up for it. There are many great other tracks as well and the signature Katatonia darkness and atmosphere is always present throughout. I'd say the biggest mistake with this album would have to be releasing some of the best songs from the recording sessions as B-sides to the singles.  Katatonia strangely is often guilty of this as both singles feature stand out tracks that can easily replace any number of ones from the actual album. If anything this album did get played alot this year and many of it's themes i related to so I feel it had to make the top 10 if only for being such an influential album for the year. MySpace Page

More Awesome Albums Of 2005:

In Flames - Come Clarity / Green Carnation - Acoustic Verses / Devin Townsend- Synchestra / Amorphis - Eclipse / The Gathering - Home / Pamela Moore - Tales From A Blue Room / OSI - Free / Black Heart Procession - The Spell / Insahn - The Adversary / Strapping Young Lad - The New Black / Vanden Plas - Christ 0 / Tool - 10'000 Days / Ian Gillan - Gillan's Inn / Peeping Tom - Peeping Tom / Live - Songs From Black Mountain / Rebel Meets Rebel - Rebel Meets Rebel / Beyond Fear - Beyond Fear / Glenn Hughes - Music For The Divine /Coldseed - Completion Makes The Tragedy / Wolverine - Still / Andromeda - Chimera / Sammy Hagar - Livin' It Up / Poisonblack - Lust Stained Despair / Audioslave - Revelations / The Mars Volta - Amputecture / Seemless - What Have We Become / Entwine - Fatal Design / Evanescence - The Open Door / Trivium - The Crusade / Meat Loaf - Bat Outta Hell III / Into Eternity - The Scattering Of Ashes / The Haunted - The Dead Eye / Circle II Circle - Burden Of Truth / The Mob - The Mob / Jon Oliva's Pain - Maniacal Renderings / Spock's Beard - Spock's Beard / Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies / Tribe of Gypsies - Dweller At The Threshold / Lacuna Coil - Karmacode / Buckcherry - 15 / Tyr - Ragnarok

Most Anticipated Albums of 2007

Pain Of Salvation - Scarsick
Blackfield - Blackfield II
Soulbender - Theorism
Anathema - Everything
Judas Priest - Nostradamus
Guns n' Roses - Chinese Democracy(hahahaha yeah right)
Sebastian Bach - Angel Down

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Night Castle

Top 10 Albums Of 2003 / Top 10 Albums Of 2004 / Top 10 Albums Of 2005

Sunday, December 17th, 2006

(scream in digital)

Subject:Airbrushed to hell...
Time:8:17 pm.
Mood: amused.
So i'm workin Xtreme Magazine deadline and i get this pic where this stripper looks like she survived a fire with a face so pock marked she looks 40 years older, lol sadly its actually less wrecked than her stretched ass

this is what my order says: "Need to Airbrush face and the stretch marks on leg. If you don't I will be forced to tell her where you live and she is F**CKING CRAZY! Take my word for it!" LMFAO

good times

I made an animated gif to showoff my plastic surgeon skillz

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

(scream in digital)

Subject:Halloweekend 06
Time:11:37 am.
Mood: chipper.

So Friday morn was a hectic morn of packing all my shit for my trip to MA and gettin the computer packed up to ship... i didn't make it out of the house till after 9am... luckily i felt a bit better... Made it to work like 10 of 10 and it didn't really matter cus there wasn't much work. I just finished backup and worked on the SceneX website... It was Ritchie's birthday so they had surprise pizza and this insane chocolate cake, which was cool... I finally asked Jeremy about a raise and he agreed but he can't do anything and i gotta ask Andy which sux... Around 3:30pm i headed out on my looong trek to MA... Luckily it didn't feel too long even with the traffic and i made it thru Spock's Beard's entire Snow album by the time i got there... Scott was busy settin up his speakers when i got in and it was def shocking to see his room redone all nice like something from a catalog... I told him we needed another cable to make the speakers work right and so we went out in search of that and more Halloween costume stuff... The party store was insanely packed and stunk so we decided to leave without gettin anything... We were gonna go somewhere else but i realized the time and reminded Scott i wanted to actually go to Witches woods and not shop for stuff all evening so we got our heavy coats back at his place and then headed out to Witches Woods... It's another haunted house amusement park like Spooky World that some stripper told him about... The area was kinda cool as it was some ski lodge type place... They had music playing and scarily alot of it was Illusions style music like cotton eyed joe" and kids were line dancing. That was prolly the most frightening thing of the night, lol... At least in between they played Alice Cooper and Blue Oyster Cult, etc... We waited awhile in line for the first house but then we ended up being first when we went in and i guess we walked too fast cus it was over way to quick, we lost our group, and all the scary shit hit the people behind us so that was no fun. We went on to the next one, which was in a field and has some cool shit painted on its walls but again not too impressive inside... There was a room with a dragon that i thought might do something cool but some guy just jumps out around back... The next thing we were waitin in line for for quite awhile was the Haunted Hayride which was prolly the most unique thing as i never been on one... We were in line behind a guy that looked like an old Napoleon Dynamite and his friend who had a stuffed frog in his jacket for no apparent reason, lol... The line was right across from a haunted porto potty that had sounds playin right behind it from the woods, lol. On the hayride random zombie people and stuff pop up off the ground and start harassin it as ya go around... Too bad ya see most of em far before they get to ya. The atmosphere was really cool tho as it was a nice night for it and one area of dirt hills with piked with skulls on top was pretty cool. Some of the zombies sneak on the truck and get right behind ya and yell in your ear. That was prolly the best scare of the night... The guys chasin the truck with chainsaws were pretty cool too tho they didn't have make up on and i was almost scared they'd reallly hit us, lol... The last thing was the 3D mansion and that was more disorienting than anything cus the glasses sucked and every time ya got in a area without blacklight stuff ya couldnt see, lol. We were ready to head out by then as scott was hungry as hell so we hit up the 99. That was cool cus i haven't been to a 99 in ages... headed back to Scotts and crashed after that...


When i woke up in the morn Scott was at the gym so i stayed in bed... I heard his bro come in and start cleaning for ther open house tho. He sounded like he was cleaning up a murder sceene in the bathroom, lol... Once scott got home we headed out and picked up Ken and then went to the infamous Fen Yeng House for lunch. That was good stuff... Then we hit the Newbury comics and i got a few CDs and DVDs that i wanted to get there... We hit more halloween stores after that and got a few things and the mall and then circuit city for Scott's speaker cable. then we dropped Ken off and had a good nightmare setting up Scotts speakers. thank god we succeeded in the end. Scott chopped up the wig he bought for his Silent Bob costume and messed up the clean bathroom, which had his mom screamin, lol... Later on we met up with Dreaded Silence (ken, scott, dana, mike) and went to the 99 again for a feast before the party... I wasn't feelin good at first but was much better after we ate... We split and went back to houses after that to get the costumes on... I got my pirate costume on mostly right and did my eye makeup... I followed Scott to the party in my car. The new apartment was def much bigger and nicer and we were greeted by Liono from the Thundercats at the door. Such and awesome costume... They had the place all decked out with cobwebs and blacklights all spookylike and Army of Darkness on TV. and the kegs out back... First funny thing was Chris got his car stuck in the mud behind the building so everyone was tryin to push it back out, lol took awhile but happened and there else ya gonna see a buncha monsters and Liono pushin a car, lol. We were early but we hit the beer and gradually more people showed up... Got to meet Scott's girl who was really cute tho i was confused cus i totally thought his girl was her friend that she came with from the pictures I saw... The costumes throughout the night were so badass. The Liono was def the coolest. Totally homemade and he even had a custom Sword of Omens. and then later more 80's cartoon characters came. One guy had a home made Cobra Commander outfit and another girl came as Rainbow Bright. there were also zombies, devils, corpse bride, creepy tattooed guy, 2 vikings, pirates, etc... One guy came as a giant sting ray with a little cardboard Steve Erwin.. stabbed thru on the back, lol... The DS guys came later and Ken def looked awesome as Lemmy from Motorhead and even had 2 cocoa puffs glued to his face for Lemmy's warts, lol. Mike came as Bill Maher and looked freakishly like him, lol the other Scott came as Scott when he was fat which was hysterical even tho he got the worst costume prize. he even had blush on, lol. We had alot of fun drinkin and talkin and singin maiden songs in a group. I took some videos but ther prolly all dark. Some blonde in a catsuit was allover a few people including Dana but she apparently later got caught givin some other dude a BJ in the bathroom, lol. Scott took off with his girl earlier than us. I stayed and chilled with ken, the band, and a few other people until everyone was gone. Of course daylight savings happened so technically the party ended before 2 as all the clocks went back, lol... I knew i wasn't gonna make the drive back to Gina's so luckily Ken offered up his place which was really nice. I barely remember that drive back but at least it was close... I got the foldout downstairs and that was nice cus the bathroom is right there too and i washed my eyes off some tho i still looked dead, lol... Slept damn good till 7am when someone came downstairs and the dog came barkin like crazy, lol... Luckily i fell back asleep tho.. as i didn't leave till like 12... Me and Ken chatted for awhile and then I headed out.


I.. texted Gina when I got to the car and she called me as I got on the highway... I was lucky I made it to the highway as it took a lot of guesswork on my part to go back the way we came the drunken night before, lol... She and her new boyfriend planned to go into Salem at 1:15 so I decided I'd join them so luckily traffic wasn't too horrendous and I made it back to Beverly... Took a few tries but I eventually found her place takin to her. Real close to my school. Her boyfriend seems cool and we all headed out pretty quick for a cold windy walk down to the train station... The train was a few min late but it worked out and we got perfect seats so we didn't have to pay as Salem is just the next stop... First thing we hit in Salem was Oneils bar that gina's roommate worked at... Her roommate was in a pissy mood but another girl seated us and we got beers and I got food cus I was starving. The place was packed tho and getting worse... After chillin for awhile we headed out to the streets and followed the way thru the good part of Salem... We got our pix taken with a witch and saw lot of cool stuff. Then we found the places Gina wanted to go for a wine tasting... Unfortunately the "wine tasting" was basically everyone gets a teaspoon of honey wine which was kinda gross and tasted like cider, so stupid... We got outta there and headed to the center green where we watched some dancers perform the Thriller dance... That was pretty funny... From there we went past the witch museum and a few places I recall takin pix with Joanna and we got the old graveyard, which Gina really wanted to see... She wanted to take pix and look for orbs cus someone told her that which made me crack up thinking of old times with Jon & cristin, lol... After that I dragged them with me to a haunted house. Unfortunately the line took forever even tho it was short like they went on break or something... The door said it was ranked the 3rd creepiest haunted house by the travel channel. That def musta been a joke cus it wasn't all that great aside from being really dark.. After we walked by the Ecto-1 which had all the ghostbusters in front of it now too and got some pix and then we headed for Salem Beerworks. It was too crowded tho so we went to another bar. That one was too crowded as well tho and we needed to catch a train at 5 so I suggested the chink place across the street and that worked out perfect as we got drinks and food that came real quick and relaxed. I got Mongolian Lamb, which was def pretty cool and different for a Chinese place... We left just in time to catch the train and make it back... Some damn asian almost wouldn't let us on even tho we were there in time. T hen we got on and there was a crazy guy. Luckily we didn't have to pay again tho, lol... The walk back from the train station was even colder and windier as it was now dark...damn daylight savings.. We made it tho and Gina gave me the tour of her place. It's really nice with big rooms, a huge plasma TV and nice new appliances... After that I said my goodbyes and headed out for the loooong trek back home... It def took almost 3 hours and I was really tired;. Thank god for good music... I made it home no prob tho and got a long much needed shower and then a little TV b4 passing out in bed...


Unfortunately the one clock I didn't set back was my damn alarm clock so I thought I was getting up late and really I was an hour early. ..That sucked cus I really needed the extra sleep and I was still late to work anyway... Bob blew off work as expected. I just had a few ads but they made the day pass. And I talked to Jeremy again so he should be putting in for a raise for me b4 payday... I hope it happens... After work Lidia met me in the lot and we took my car out to the Trail of Terror Luckily it was open this time... We parked and walked over and I guess it hadn't even opened yet so despite the line being short it took a long time but it was cool cus we got to talk and stuff and it was a nice night to be out... There was a crazy wolf guy running thru the crowd scarin people... One girl was screaming bloody murder, lol... Eventually we got our ticket coins but then we were in line again to actually get in and that line wasn't moving wither cus the gates still weren't open... Some shirtless zombie kid was up on the wall yelling and eventually jumped down and scared more people, lol. There was also a hearse with a pipe organ and a guy playin it,.. which was cool... I think the scariest part tho was the crazy lookin short old lady that came up to us and asked if she could smoke... I thought she was a kid at first and then I was like whoa... So finally we got in and it was everything I remember and more... By.. far the best haunted house I ever been too. It goes on forever and everything is realistic and scary... We were first so Lida got some awesome scares in the beginning and we crawled thru the usual tunnels and stuff. And they changed things around this year of course no more Charlie in the chocolate factory but they had the Texas Chainsaw area and another place for Silent Hill where they had a slow strobe and all these mannequins and then one of em moves... So awesome... There was one part that was like a camp with all these zombie kids screaming at ya not to go on and "hes gonna get ya" and then ya walk into this giant freakin guy who gets all up in your face, lol... After that was the butcher shop which had a giant pigheaded guy holdin entrails above the door and ya get inside and 2 guys are hackin up random gross lookin meats and grindin others and it really does smell like shit or rotten meat... Sometimes I wonder how half the stuff there is legal, lol... Anyways they found ot Lidia was a vegetarian and chased her with the meat which def scared the hell outta her for the rest of the night, lol... She's lucky she was distracted by that tho and didn't notice the bag of meowing cats hangin from the wall, lol... Of course all this stuff went on for like 40 mins and it was by far worth the $10 it costs to get in... def more worth it than the $22 we paid for that other thing in MA... We had an awesome time and made it out in good time to get back when we wanted to... I made it home in time for my shows and relaxed and ate dinner and then passed right out.</span>

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Monday, September 4th, 2006

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Subject:A MAtter of Life & Death
Time:8:14 pm.
Mood: enthralled.
Well i luckily got my copy of Iron Maiden's A Matter of Life and Death in the mail on Saturday. I saw a big Fedex box and knew it was that with the T-shirt. I quickly ripped that open and ripped the CD onto my iPod. I hopped in my car and drove around listenin to it cus thats stil my fav place to listen to musisc. All i can say is I'm blown away by the album. It's everything i could want from Maiden. Makes up for almost all the things i found dull or boring on Dance of Death and is prolly the best thing they've done since the 80s. Gone are the repetitive choruses and songs. This albums full of the kind of songs im just dying to hear live. The long length of songs on recent maiden albums has been a big complaint but on this album they manage to have long songs while keeping them exciting all the way through. My favorite song is probably still Brighter Than a Thousand suns as that just blew me away like nothing else this year when i heard it the first time on the fanclub site anyway and its even better in full quality on the album. Despite this albums lack of mastering the songs sound great. Very crisp and heavy once ya turn it up. It's def best cranked. I def don't agree with picking Benjamin Bregg as a single as its far from representative of the album altho i do love that they are experimenting more with their song style. i really love the last 2 songs Lord of Light and The Legacy with their dark moody intros. I really can't say anything bad about this album as its just what i wanted and actually gives me the excitement i get from new Bruce solo albums. Now I just can't wait to see it done live! EXACLY ! MONTH FROM NOW!!!!!

Saturday, April 1st, 2006

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Subject:Mindcrime II
Time:8:42 pm.
Mood: enthralled.
Picked up the album at Phoenix tonight, lit me some candles and just spaced out to it blastin thru my good stereo. All i can say is holy shit its awesome. I dunno why but the Cd sounds way better than the mp3s that got leaked. This albums just everything I been askin for, guitar solos, intriguing well written lyrics, great concept, insane solos, pamela moore, DIO!, and Geoff tate screaming his head off with more passion than he's had in years. When they took this endeavor on it was make it or break it and i have to say they succeeded. I'm sure they'll get bashed nonstop as they have been for years but thats the way it is and F those people. This may not be Mindcrime I but who wanted a copycat album. This is that matured, with more depth and variation of style. Instant classic for me.
The ryche has returned! All hail!

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

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Subject:Lord OF War
Time:10:54 pm.
Mood: impressed.
Just rented this from netflix and watched it. Such a great movie, beautifully shot and just plain awesome

The lethal business of arms dealers provides an electrifying context for the black-as-coal humor of Andrew Niccol's Lord of War. Having proven his ingenuity as the writer of The Truman Show, and writer-director of Gattaca and the under-appreciated Simone, Niccol is clearly striving for Strangelovian relevance here as he chronicles the rise and inevitable fall of Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage), a Ukrainian immigrant to America who makes his fortune selling every kind of ordnance he can get his amoral hands on. With a trophy wife (Bridget Moynahan) who's initially clueless about his hidden career, and a younger brother (Jared Leto) whose drug-addled sense of decency makes him an ill-chosen accomplice, Yuri traffics in death the way other salesman might push vacuum cleaners (he likes to say that alcohol and tobacco are deadlier products than his), but even he can't deny the sheer ruthlessness of the Liberian dictator (a scene-stealing Eamonn Walker) who purchases Orlov's "products" to expand his oppressive regime. Niccol's themes are even bigger than Yuri's arms deals, and he drives them home with a blunt-force lack of subtlety, but Cage gives the film the kind of insanely dark humor it needs to have. To understand this monster named Yuri, we have to see at least a glimpse of his humanity, which Cage provides as only he can. Otherwise, this epic tale of gunrunnng would be as morally unbearable as the black market trade it illuminates. --Jeff Shannon

Saturday, January 28th, 2006

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Subject:Interstate 60
Time:11:44 pm.
Mood: impressed.
I got this movie when my video store closed for $4 and i always thought it looked interesting, Just watched it now and that was a damn classic movie for $4. A very different and intriguing storyline that keeps ya guessin and chock full of star cameos. Surprised it had so little promotion. Def check it out if ya ever see it somewhere

Tagline: It began as a wish, became an adventure, and ended as the ultimate road trip.
Plot Outline: A confused young man (Marsden) takes a journey on a road that doesn't exist on any map.
Plot Synopsis: Neal Oliver is a young artist, but his father doesn't like his choice and wants him to go to Oxford. Everything changes after Neal's meeting with O.W.Grant, who grants exactly one wish per person, as his name suggests. Neal wishes for answers, and so he must travel to the nonexistent Danver by the nonexistent Interstate 60. In this trip he hopes to find the girl of his dreams, following the trail of her photos on the advertising stands along the route. Many encounters await him ahead. Will he receive what he asked for?

Monday, January 16th, 2006

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Subject:asians are funny part deux
Time:7:24 pm.
Mood: amused.

actual image used in an Xtreme ad today...randomly thrown into a well designed ad with a good image already...so ridiculous.,,

Sunday, January 1st, 2006

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Subject:My Top 10 Albums of 2005!!!!!!!!!
Time:1:06 pm.
Mood: accomplished.

Another awesome year in music for me at least. Lately it seems like every year gets better and better


My Top 10 Album List For 2005

Porcupine Tree - Deadwing: This album was definitely one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year for me and it definitely lived up to the hype I built for it. The direction is a bit different from In Absentia yet completely works and some amazings songs were created here. These guys are definitely one of the most original bands to come along in awhile with a wide aray of songs bizzarely poetic lyrics and the awesome guitar playing of Stephen Wilson to back it all up. As usual the songs are so layered and deep you can listen to them over and over and they never get tired. In DTS 5.1 Surround it's even deeper and songs like "Mellotron Scratch" and "Open Car" really shine in that format. With so much amazing competition it's hard to say but this is probably my favorite release of the year

Opeth - Ghost Reveries: Another related band that can seemingly do no wrong at this point is Opeth. No one was really sure how they would follow up the combination releases of Deliverance and Damnation and many feared the direction they would take. From the first time i heard "The Grand Conjuration" i knew they'd chosen wisely. Even that couldn't have prepared me for how great this album truly is. The addition of a keyboard player, Per Wiberg, has added a new element to the band and really elevated them to a new level. "Atonement" is probably the most different style for them yet and it with a warm almost upbeat guitar/keyboard sound but the familiar mellow atmospherics kick in and you know it's signature Opeth. Despite this and other beautiful haunting mellow tracks such as "Hours of Wealth" and "Isolation Years" there is definitely a counterpart of brutally heavy powerful death metal tracks as is expected of them. Once again they have mastered the art of mixing these styles in a non commerical way like no other

Nevermore - The Godless Endeavor: When Nevermore released Dead Heart In a Dead World I was absolutely addicted to it. It seemed like the perfect metal album brutal, yet melodic with a great production. Then they followed up with the tragically underproduced Enemies of Reality and I was left highly disappointed. It can't be easy to follow up such a perfect album with the ease that Opeth and Porcupine Tree have shown, yet finally after a few years Nevermore has learned from the mistakes of their last album and released a proper successor to Dead Heart with this; The Godless Endeavor. Once again the Brutal melody, insane guitar solos and nigh psychotic vocals of Warrel Dane have returned with a proper and hard hitting production by none other than Andy Sneap. Once again Warrels socially conscious yet heartfelt lyrics perfectly fit the time period and really make you pay attention. They are carried along by blazing aggressive riffs as well as beautiful melodic acoustic passages and powerful drumming. This album would have to be my favorite straight up Metal album of the year

Iommi - Fused / Glenn Hughes - Soul Mover: These were definitely two of the unexpected gems of the year. I wasn't previously very knowledgeable about the works of Glenn Hughes other than knowing he was in Deep Purple. Iommi's self titled solo album with the multiple modern vocalists from a few years back i felt was an amazing album that really didn't get the recognition it deserved though. While listening to net radio stations at work I started hearing songs from Iommi/Hughes' first effort, the 1996 Dep Sessions and that had me hooked so i decided to check out Fused the day it came out. I was blown away by the combination of the 2 with a modern metal sound. I was hooked on this album for weeks listening to it all the time. The whole thing is just so solid and catchy. Iommi continues to write the perfect Sabbath album with each solo release yet those guys can't get their act together and frankly by comparing the vocals of Ozzy and Glenn I can't say that's a bad thing. Glenn Hughes has to be one of the greatest singers ever. There's just such power and diversity in his voice and he can work amazingly across a variety of styles as shocased his new solo album, Soul Mover. Truly a phenomenal work which stays cohesive despite it's variety with Glenn's ever versitile vocal's shining amidst the metal/funk/soul/rock played by the band's various members of the Red Hot chili Peppers, I highly recommend both these albums to anyone and the iTunes exclusive bonus track to Fused, "The Innocent" is very much worth the download.

Dark Tranquility - Character: I can honestly say that no other album with straight up death metal vocals has ever hit me the way this album has. Previously the only Dark Tranquility album that ever really struck me was Projector which is the exact opposite of this and filled with clean vocals. This album is absolutely brutal yet absolutely melodic at the same time. In my eyes it is THE perfect gothenburg melo-death metal album. This album hooks right from the start and pulls you screaming through 11 tracks of perfect metal bliss. An amazing fast album for speeding down the highway at night. My favorite track would have to be the single, "Lost To Apathy" which is one of the most addciting songs I've heard.

Judas Priest - Angel of Retribution: Priest is back with a vengeance here.  This is all that i could ask for in a reunion album from them. Sure the lyrics to Lochness are ridiculous but this is a very solid album that also manages to capture priests various styles throughout the years. Revolution was a great catchy and very different first single for priest and there are quite a few tracks here with a Painkiller-esque vibe which keeps me happy. Though i personally loved Halfords solo material and even enjoyed much of the Ripper era priest material it is definitely great to have this band back and firing on all four cylinders

Green Carnation - The Quiet Offspring: One of the best norwegian rock bands who i was introduced to with their hour long epic single track first album. My liking for these guys has just increased with each album. This album I was highly anticipating but it came out amidst a slew of other releases, I never bought my own copy and it kinda got pushed aside but eventually I really started listenin to it and i'd say it's their best work yet. These guys are just great at creating a melancholy atmoshere with good gloomy vocals yet they right catchy metallic rock songs like "Just When You Think It's Safe" to keep things going.  That song is just one of those songs that gets stuck in your head and never leaves.  The rest of the album is a mix of such songs and more epic progressive emotional tracks. I just got the acoustic EP and eagerly await their next full length album this spring which is gonna be all acoustic.

Sentenced - The Funeral Album: It was a truly sad year seeing these guys split up but they certainly know how to go out on a high note. This their final farewell album is quite possibly their best work to date. Full of all the same dark humor as well as serious songs of a darker nature this album just rocks in the best of Finnish ways. All very catchy, straight forward rocking tracks as usual with excellent solo work and Ville's great moody heavily accented vocals. It's hard to understand of course why they are splitting as they keep getting better and better but I guess it was just the time and we're definitely rewarded with a great album for it. Here's hoping the future Poisonblack work lives up to this legacy.

Thunder - The Magnificent Seventh: Another british band I was turned onto via internet radio while hearing "Loser" off their last album everyday. I tracked down that one here as an expensive import and this album I found at Sweden Rock Festival.  This is just one amazing traditional classic hard rock band. A perfect example of how time and place and connections means everything in the music industry.  These guys put out album after album of perfect solid rock thats on par or surpasses bands like Bad Company and Free yet they don't seem to have much recognition for it at all, especially here in the states where it is nearly impossible to get any of their large catalog og great releases. With warm bluesy vocals very similar to the bands i mentioned and excellent songwriting this album is top knotch just like all the rest they've released.  The perfect accompaniment to a warm summer's day its just so smooth and mature and polished ya can't help but listen over and over again. I highly recommend this to anyone

Frameshift - Absence of Empathy: The first Frameshift album featuring James Labrie on vocals didn't really do much for me and I never ended up listening to it much; this album however had me from the start. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from Sebastian Bach on a prog record but it turned out to be something very original, energetic, aggressive and just masterfully done. A complex concept album that is full of very catchy songs and some of the best Bach vocals in years it's truly a great accomplishment.  It's too bad we can't expect to ever see anything like it done in the future as the whole insane well publicized controversey on Blabberomouth between Henning Pauly and Sebastian Bach contintues to get worse and worse.  Itt's just plain embarassing that an album of such brilliance is tarnished by stupid rockstar egos and prog nerds releasing full albums just about the argument. Oh well at least this saw the light of day before any shit went down.

More Awesome Albums Of 2005:

Soilwork - Stabbing The Drama / Chris Caffery - Faces / Jon Oliva's Pain - Taj Majal / Ulver - Blood Inside / Leave's Eyes - The Vinland Saga / Neal Morse - ? / Spock's Beard - Octane / Tristania - Ashes / Kamelot - The Black Halo / Strapping Young Lad - Alien / James Labrie - Elements Of Persuasion / Queens Of The Stone Age - Lullabies To Paralyze / Bruce Dickinson - Tyranny Of Souls / Fireball Ministry - Their Rock Is Not Our Rock / Demons & Wizards - Touched By The Crimson King / Dream Theater - Octavarium / Circle II Circle - Middle Of Nowhere / Audioslave - Out Of Exile / Russel Allen - Russel Allen's Atomic Soul / System Of A Down - Mesmerize/Hypnotize / Alice Cooper - Dirty Diamonds / Arch Enemy - Doomsday Machine / D.A.D-Scare Yourself / Starbreaker - Starbreaker / The Mars Volta - Francis The Mute / Coldplay - X&Y / Trivium - Ascendancy / Beautiful Creatures - Deuce / LA Guns - Tales From The Strip / Charon - Songs For The Sinners / Pain Dancing With The Dead / Bon Jovi - Have A Nice Day / King's X - Ogre Tones / Brides Of Destruction - Runaway Brides / Riverside - Second Life Syndrome / HIM - Dark Light / Forty Deuce - Nothing To Lose / Redemption - The Fullness Of Time / Life Of Agony - Broken Valley / Roadrunner United - The All Star Sessions / Stream of Passion - Embrace The Storm / Children Of Bodom - Are You Dead Yet? / TNT - All The Way To The Sun / Dead Soul Tribe - The Dead Word / Tribuzy - Execution / Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys: The Legacy

Most Anticipated Albums of 2006

Queensrÿche - Operation: Mindcrime II

Katatonia - The Great Cold Distance

Vanden Plas - Christ 0

Lacuna Coil - Karmacode

Liv Kristine - Enter My Religion

Glenn Hughes - (not yet titled)

The Devin Townshend Band - Synchestra


Top 10 Albums Of 2003: / Top 10 Albums Of 2004 / Top 10 Albums Of 2005

Saturday, December 24th, 2005

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Time:11:46 am.
Mood: blah.
List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to...

Tagged - amandanikki, benzopyrene, da3br3ak, mullmuzzlerhyde, soak321, spex98, xlaidtorestx

1. The Lost Christmas Eve - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
2. I - Chris Caffery
3. Meat - Iommi
4. Isolation - Glenn Hughes
5. Angels Don't Kill - Children Of Bodom
6. As Long As It's Not About Love - Dio
7. For My Demons - Katatonia

Thursday, December 8th, 2005

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Subject:laugh, i nearly died
Time:8:47 pm.
Mood: annoyed.
So i start out my morn like any other this morn and im goin around the curve on 84 in front of the waterbury mall and a tractor trailer truck decides i don't exists and merges into my lane making me go off the road into the shoulder. At the same time an old womans car comes out flying ina 360 in front of me and over into the wall. I slammed on my breaks bracing for inpact which thank god never came. I just missed her and no one behind me hit as i expected. It was an insane experience but luckily no one was really hurt, The truck pulled over to the other side and i stayed in the shoulder with the old ladies car which was spun around. I called 911 for the first time with my cell. I didn't even hafta say anything and they knew what i was calling about. Gotta love GPS, lol freaky stuff. The cop just took my license and then let me go since I didnt actually take any kinda impact. That felt good for once. I was shaken but had no prob drivin to work after. Def woulda been alot more freaked if i hit. Things at work have def stayed kinda slow tho we did have work today. The excitement of the work day was the fact that the bathroom lights are now completely out and have been replaced by a scented candle atop the toilet, lol. I sure hope my aim in the dark was good. its quite and umm...intimate vibe. i just hope someone mops in there once in awhile

Random rant: why the hell do old ladies at target feel its necessary to write out checks in the express lane. I swear with one person in front of me it took longer than it woulda if id gotten in the 10 person line at a regular register... of and fuck express lanes in general...10 items or less what crap is that? 10 items is alotta stuff at Targeh. How about 2 items or less!

Thursday, December 1st, 2005

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Subject:asians are funny
Time:12:13 am.
Mood: amused.

Tuesday, November 15th, 2005

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Subject:emo orange
Time:8:06 am.
Mood: amused.

Thursday, November 10th, 2005

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Time:7:12 pm.
Mood: calm.
The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to obedience and warmth.

In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored.

You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.

Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage pessimistically. You don't think happy marriages exist anymore.

In this moment, you think of love as commitment. Love only works when both people are totally devoted.

Saturday, November 5th, 2005

(scream in digital)

Subject:heh heh
Time:12:02 am.
Mood: amused.

Thursday, October 13th, 2005

(2 digital screams | scream in digital)

Subject:i must be emo
Time:8:54 am.
Mood: apathetic.
Mood: Apathetic

My life is spiraling downward. I couldn’t get enough money to go to the Blood Red Romance and Suffocate Me Dry concert. It sucks cause they play some of my favorite songs like “Stab my heart because I love you” and “Rip apart my soul” and of course “Stabby rip stab stab” And It doesn’t help that I couldn’t get my hair to do that flippy thing either…like that guy from that band can do….some days you know...

I’m an emo kid, non-conforming as can be
You’d be non-conforming too if you look just like me
I have paint on my nails and makeup on my face
I’m almost emo enough to start shaving my legs
Cause I feel real deep when dressing in drag
I call it freedom of expression, most just call me a fag
Our dudes look like chicks and chicks look like dykes
Cause emo is one step below transvestite

Stop my breathing and slit my throat
I must be emo

I don’t jump around when I go to shows
I must be emo

I’m dark and sensitive with low self esteem
The way I dress makes everyday feel like Halloween
I have no real problems but I like to make believe
I stole my sister’s mascara now I’m grounded for a week
Sulking and writing poetry are my hobbies
I can’t get through a hawthorne heights album without sobbing
Girls keep breaking up with me, it’s never any fun
They say they already have a pussy, they don’t need another one

Stop my breathing and slit my throat
I must be emo

I don’t jump around when I go to shows
I must be emo

Dye in my hair and polish on my toes
I must be emo

I play guitar and write suicide notes
I must be emo

my life is just a black abyss... ya know..it’s so dark. And it’s suffocating me, grabbing a hold of me and tightening its grip, tighter than a pair of my little sisters jeans...which look great on me by the way.

When I get depressed I cut my wrist in every direction
Hearing songs about getting dumped gives me an erection
I write in a live journal and wear thick rimmed glasses
I tell my friends I bleed black and cry during classes
I’m just a bad, cheap imitation of goth
You can read me “Catcher in the Rye” and watch me jack off
I wear skin tight clothes while hating my life
If I said that I like girls I’d only be half right

I look like I’m dead and dress like a homo
I must be emo

Screw xbox I play old school Nintendo
I must be emo

I like to whine and hate my parentals
I must be emo

Me and my friends all look like clones
I must be emo

My parents don’t get me ya know. They think I’m gay just because they saw me kiss a guy…well, a couple guys …but still, I mean it’s the 2000’s, can’t two…or 4 dudes make out with each other without being gay. I mean, chicks dig that kinda thing anyways. I don’t know diary, sometimes I think you are the only one that gets me…you’re my best friend.

Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

(scream in digital)

Time:10:44 pm.
Mood: amused.

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